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Armenian Studies

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Jacob of Sarug's Additional Homilies on Good Friday

Translation and Introduction by Edward G Mathews Jr
ISBN: 978-1-4632-0752-6
Two homilies by Jacob of Sarug on Good Friday, one of which has only survived in Armenian translation.

Introduction to Aramean and Syriac Studies

A manual
ISBN: 978-1-4632-0738-0
An English translation of Arman Akopian's comprehensive Introduction to Aramean and Syriac Studies, from the earliest appearances of Arameans in the historical record, through to the modern day.

Epiphanius von Salamis, Über die zwölf Steine im hohepriesterlichen Brustschild (De duodecim gemmis rationalis)

nach dem Codex Vaticanus Borgianus Armenus 31 herausgegeben und übersetzt
ISBN: 978-1-4632-0279-8
At the request of Diodorus, bishop of Tyre, Epiphanius of Salamis produced this exegetical treatise on the gemstones in the High Priest's breastplate. The oldest Christian work on gemstones, the the author deals with the stones according to their appearance and their medical benefit as well as their attribution to the twelve tribes based on Christian exegesis. Only extracts of this work are preserved in Greek. This volume provides the important – but hereto unconsidered – Armenian text with a German translation and commentarial annotations, as well as an English introduction.

S. Ephraem Syri Commentarii in Epistolas D. Pauli

Ephrem the Syrian's Commentary on the Pauline Epistles, translated by the Mekhitarist Fathers
ISBN: 978-1-61143-296-1
Presented here are commentaries on the Letters of Saint Paul, translated into Latin from the Armenian version.

The Armenian Prayers attributed to Ephrem the Syrian

Edited and Translated by Edward G Mathews Jr
ISBN: 978-1-4632-0262-0
Armenian text of the Prayers attributed to Ephrem the Syrian, with the first-ever translation into a western language. Utilizing a highly developed poetic rhythm, the author manifests a profound spirituality laying his own emptiness before the inexhaustible Mercy of God.

Le synaxaire géorgien

Redaction ancienne de l’Union arméno-géorgienne
Edited and Translated by Nikolai Marr
ISBN: 978-1-61719-890-8
The surviving text of a Georgian martyrology, on Stephen Protomartyr, Peter and Paul, shows the influence of Armenian Christianity on Georgia, and reflects 6th century preaching against Judaism.

The Armenian Life of Marutha of Maipherkat

Translation and Introduction by Ralph Marcus
Series: Analecta Gorgiana 937
ISBN: 978-1-61143-831-4
This work retells the life of the Bishop Marutha of Maipherkat, or Martyropolis, as translated from the Armenian text.

Irenaeus gegen die Häretiker

Elenchos kai anatrope tes pseudonomou gnoseos; Buch IV und V in armenischer Version
ISBN: 978-1-61143-514-6
This work presents the Armenian version of second-century Irenaeus of Lyon's last two books on heresies.

The Date of the Initial Miniatures of the Etchmiadzin Gospel

Series: Analecta Gorgiana 825
ISBN: 978-1-61143-263-3
A controversial essay on one of the treasures of Armenian art, arguing that its illuminations were original and Armenian; with 38 plates.

Testi orientali inediti sopra i Sette Dormienti di Efeso

Edited and Translated by Ignazio Guidi
ISBN: 978-1-61719-764-2
The present work contains a number of previously unedited eastern Christian texts (Coptic, Syriac, Arabic, Ethiopic, and Armenian) related to the well-known legend of the Seven Sleepers, edited and translated by the eminent Italian scholar Ignazio Guidi.

Evangelii Concordantis Expositio

By Ephraem Syrus; Translated by Johannes Bapista Aucher; Edited with an Introduction by Georg Mösinger
ISBN: 978-1-61143-374-6
This is a commentary of the fourth century Syriac saint Tatian’s work Diatessaron.

The Syriac Presence in the Armenian Translation of the Bible, with Special Reference to the Book of Genesis

Series: Analecta Gorgiana 1093
ISBN: 978-1-4632-0141-8
Syriac and Armenian Christians interacted regionally and theologically. This paper investigates whether it is thus a viable proposition to deduce Syriac readings from Armenian biblical translations. Cox concludes on a case-basis because extensive use of a similar source text remains questionable.

Syriac into Armenian

The Translations and their Translators
Series: Analecta Gorgiana 1091
ISBN: 978-1-4632-0139-5
This article describes the historical development of Armenian translations of Syriac literature from the 5th century, Intervening- and Clinician Periods. Significant works and figures are highlighted.

Journal of the Canadian Society for Syriac Studies 10

Edited by Amir Harrak
ISBN: 978-1-61143-671-6
Volume 10 includes articles by Robert Thomson, Edward G. Mathews Jr., Claude Cox, Hidemi Takahashi and Jos J.S. Weitenberg, and Arman Akopian. It is on Syriac-Armenian topics.

Armenische Irenaeusfragmente

Zum Teil erstmalig herausgegeben und untersucht
Edited with an Introduction by Hermann Jordan; Translated by Willy Lüdtke
ISBN: 978-1-61719-516-7
n addition to being an independent witness to his text, there is a treatise in Armenian which has not survived in Greek. With comments on the indirect influence of Irenaeus on the Armenian Church.

Die äthiopische Anaphora unserer Herrin Maria

Edited with an Introduction by Sebastian Euringer
Series: Analecta Gorgiana 506
ISBN: 978-1-60724-985-6
Sebastian Euringer publishes here the Ethiopic text of an Anaphora dedicated to the Virgin Mary. Supplementing the Ethiopic text, Euringer also includes a critical apparatus with variant readings and a German translation.

Abendländischer Einfluss in armenischer Buchmalerei des 10. Jahrhunderts?

Series: Analecta Gorgiana 500
ISBN: 978-1-60724-979-5
In the present essay, Anton Baumstark responds to E. Weigand’s argument for a Western influence on the artwork found in tenth century illustrated Armenian manuscripts by demonstrating that the artistic influences could have come from the Eastern tradition as well.

Die armenische Rezension der syrischen Chronik Michales des Großen

Series: Analecta Gorgiana 442
ISBN: 978-1-60724-850-7
The Armenian version of the Chronicle of Michael the Great was overshadowed by the discovery of the Syriac version. However, Felix Hasse argues that the unique features of the Armenian text provide an important historical source for the Armenian tradition.

Die armenischen apokryphen Apostelakten

I. Das gnostische martyrium Petri
Edited with an Introduction by Paul Vetter
Series: Analecta Gorgiana 411
ISBN: 978-1-60724-688-6
Paul Vetter presents the Armenian text, along with a Greek translation, of the “Gnostic Martyrdom of Peter” from the Apocryphal Acts of the Apostles. The article also includes an appendix in which Vetter describes the manuscripts used in the collation.

Die armenischen apokryphen Apostelakten

Edited with an Introduction by Paul Vetter
Series: Analecta Gorgiana 408
ISBN: 978-1-60724-683-1
Paul Vetter presents here a critical edition of the Armenian version of the Acts of Peter and Paul along with a Greek translation. Vetter’s introduction to the text includes a discussion of the complex transmission history evident in the manuscripts.

The Work of Dionysius Barsalībi Against the Armenians

Woodbrooke Studies 4
ISBN: 978-1-59333-829-9
The Work of Dionysius Barsalībi Against the Armenians represents the nature of some disputes in the Christianity of the Middle Ages. Dionysius Barsalībi (d. 1171) in a very rare manuscript, begins by giving a brief sketch of the political and religious history of the Armenians. Dionysius argues that Christ’s body was corruptible up until the time of his death, and only after that did it become incorruptible. This underscores the fact that Christ had a true human body and that he digested food just like other people. The implications for this interpretation in connection with the Eucharist are obviously essential aspects to be resolved in this controversy.

The Armenian Liturgy

Antient Liturgies
Series: Analecta Gorgiana 171
ISBN: 978-1-60724-186-7
C. E. Hammond's Antient Liturgies provided a valuable resource at an early stage in comparative liturgical studies. Free of extensive critical apparatus, Antient Liturgies presents a collection of historic forms of worship from the Western, Eastern, and Oriental Churches. This extract from the book focuses on the Armenian liturgy. With a beginning in the early fourth century, in connection with the Exarchate of Caesarea, this liturgy is presented in English. As an analytical introduction this early study continues to provide a broad overview of early Christian worship made available in an accessible and convenient format for students and scholars.

The Armenian Rite

Series: Analecta Gorgiana 135
ISBN: 978-1-60724-098-3
In his classic introduction to Armenian Orthodox liturgies, King examines the liturgies of the Oriental Orthodox churches. In this volume the Ethiopic rite is considered. The rite is described and given a context in the setting of its native church.

The Barlaam and Josaphat Legend in the Ancient Georgian and Armenian Literatures

Series: Analecta Gorgiana 64
ISBN: 978-1-59333-880-0
This work focuses on the literary and textual concerns of the Georgian and Armenian recensions of the Barlaam and Josaphat legend, and provides translations of all that remains of the Georgian text and the relevant Armenian parallels.

Catalogue of All Works Known to Exist in the Armenian Language

Up to the Seventeenth Century
Series: Analecta Gorgiana 54
ISBN: 978-1-59333-869-5
This work provides a summary, short author biography, and reference to editions or translations of all the works of Armenian provenance known to the author. It concludes with works of Greek Church Fathers and secular literature preserved in Armenian.